Types Of Care Facilities And Nursing Homes

When looking for a care facility for your senior family member, you have to choose a facility that can fit their requirements. Hence, you should be aware of the different types of care facilities available. This can aid you to choose a suitable care facility for your family member.

The following are some of the common care facilities and nursing homes available:

Independent Living Community

It offers the least health care but provides more freedom for the residents. The aim of such facilities is to ease the burden of the inhabitants without interfering with their lives. Such facilities offer a variety of arrangements for the seniors to live including houses to apartments.

Some independent living communities include different services like housekeeping, cooking, home maintenance, various events and activities, etc. This will help your loved one to live independently, unlike the restricted environment in a nursing home.

But it is important to be aware that these facilities usually won’t have full-time medical staff. It provides the aged a place to live conveniently and independently. If you need additional services, you will have to pay extra charges.

Assisted Living Facility

When compared to the care given, assisted living facilities are a level up than independent living community. They provide more care in your daily requirements. Such services will assist you in bathing, dressing, meals, and provides better supervision.

If you plan to choose an assisted living facility, it is better to research your options. Each facility is unique and the services and packages they provide vary. Hence, it is better to choose a community that fits your requirements.

Both independent living communities and assisted living facilities may not have health care services and nursing care on-site. Some of them might have emergency first aid as well as pharmacy services, but nursing care may not be always available.

Skilled Nursing Facility

If your loved one needs better medical care, then this is the right option to choose. We here at Foothill Pasadena nursing center provides 24-hour healthcare services for our residents. Additionally, skilled nursing services will also give dietary counseling, therapy, and daily care.

Continuous Care Retirement Facility

If you are unsure of what facility to choose, then this is the better option for you. It combines all the services provided by other care facilities.

You can enter their independent living community in the beginning and if your needs change, you can move into assisted living or skilled nursing facility. But this facility will be very costly when compared to other facilities.

The options listed above are some of the common care facilities available for seniors. You can choose a facility based on the requirements of your loved one.