Things To Look For In A Real Estate Agent

Buying or selling a property is not an easy process. If you have never purchased or sold a property before, you might need assistance from a professional. That’s why there is a high demand for real estate agents. However, you should not hire anyone who claims to be a real estate agent.

This primer will help you to find the best real estate agent who will assist you in buying or selling a property.

Knowledge Of The Local Market

The main characteristic of a good real estate agent is the extensive knowledge of the local market. Therefore, if you want to avoid overpricing when you buy a property, you should hire a real estate agent who knows the market well and is good at negotiations.

Reasonable Fees

The commission the agents charge should be one of the important factors you should consider when hiring a real estate agent. Real estate agents set their own fees, which you will pay as a seller. Most of the real estate agents charge a 5 % or 6 % commission. If the agent you are considering is asking a higher commission, do not hesitate to ask what you are getting in return. Reputable real estate developers like Reuven Gradon will provide good real estate services at a reasonable commission.

Good References

A solid reference is the best way to make sure that the real estate agent you hired is experienced in the field. If you have finalized a list of agents that might be right for you, ask them to provide information on the properties that they have listed and sold in the past year and the contact information of their previous clients. Call those clients and if they are happy with their agents, you can move on to the next process of hiring the agent.

Right Designation

It is important to note that different real estate agents specialize in different types of transactions. If you are planning on selling your property, you might want to hire a listing agent. But if you are looking for purchasing a property, a buyer’s agent is more suitable for you.

The Contract Length

Most people only look at the fees when looking for a real estate agent. But you will also want to see what kind of contract you will be signing with the agent you are considering. Make sure to hire a real estate agent with a reasonable contract length. Reputable real estate agents make a contract for 90 days or 180 days or less.