Rules Regarding The Abandoned Property Of Tenants In Israel

In Israel, abandoned land, assets, and other properties will be turned to the government after a particular period of time if they remain unclaimed. However, the government entities will notify the owners regarding this action so that it will be possible for them to claim back the properties. There are websites managed by the government for listing the abandoned properties. These sites can be used for locating abandoned land in Israel. It can also be useful for knowing about other personal properties that are turned to the government after a particular period of dormancy.

But what will a landowner do about the abandoned properties of a tenant? Can he claim them as his own if the owners or heirs are not claiming the assets even after a long time? Actually, it is not that simple. Israel has strict rules regarding claiming the abandoned properties of the tenants too. You should be aware of them before handling such assets. So what should you do as a landowner if your tenant has left some personal assets in your property?

What To Do About The Abandoned Property Of Your Tenants?

The properties can be considered abandoned only after the lease is terminated. The termination will occur when the lease period is over and the tenants move out, or if they are legally evicted.

If the lease is not terminated, but as a landowner, you have reasons to consider that the property left behind by the tenants is abandoned, then you should send an abandonment notice to the last known address of the tenant. Also, you have to post the same notice on the rental property before handling those assets. If you do not receive any response from the tenant within a specific period of sending the notice, it will be possible for you to take legal procedures for claiming the properties.

Take An Inventory

As a landowner, it is your duty to compile an inventory and store the items safely. Keep them in the rental unit if possible, or store them somewhere else for keeping safe.

Write To The Tenant

Inform your tenant about the abandoned properties and the fact that you will get rid of them if not claimed. The letter you write to the tenant should include the description of the properties, the place you keep them, and the time period within which they can claim the properties.

If the tenants do not claim the properties within the given time period, then you can dispose of them. If the properties are only worth a small amount, then you can claim them as your own. But if they are of higher value, then you should sell them in a public auction.