Marketplace Vs Ecommerce Site: Where to Start Selling?

Biggest Online Marketplaces

When you plan to start selling your products online, you will have to select a place to facilitate sales. You can choose between two options for that: selling through an online retail marketplace and your own ecommerce website. It can be tough to pick one from among these two choices.

So, the best way to settle on one is to look at the pros and cons of both, and compare these with your needs. You shall go for the platform that you feel best suits your needs. If you are wondering what the difference between these two platforms is, then you can visit and read a post on this topic there. Understanding the difference will surely help you make a decision in this regard.

The Pros of Selling through a Marketplace

A Convenient Way to Start Your Business and Maintain It

A marketplace site can make ecommerce simpler, particularly for new merchants. It already has the infrastructure for ecommerce transactions, thus saving you the hassle and time related to building a site from scratch.

It Lures Customers and Markets for You

An established marketplace, in particular, has and will have many visitors to it. That marketplace’s parent business will also market your brand or products. Why? Because they want to get commission per sale from you. Besides, customers visit such a place owing to its reputation. So if your product has a good deal of visibility and is good, then customers will perhaps check it out. If they buy and like it, they may write reviews on that item and post the feedback on the website. If their feedback on your product is positive, then you may get more customers due to that. This will increase trust between customers and your brand.

The Con

However, selling through it has some relative disadvantages too. We say ‘relative’ because it depends on some factors. For one, you being a small business will have to compete with brands that are more established than yours. That competition can be good or bad for you, depending on how customers perceive your product. For instance, if yours is a ‘cheaper and best Apple alternative’, then it may work for you.

Benefits of Selling Through Your Web Store

Better Control over Website Elements

Your online store is a core ecommerce website. So you have full control over the information on it – you can tweak that content the way you want to. You also have the freedom to change other elements on your website how you wish to.

Retarget Customers

A great benefit of managing your ecommerce store is that you can directly communicate with customers. This allows for superior customer service, plus more possibilities to upsell.

Then again, this option has many downsides too. Firstly, you need to build a store from the ground up, which will incur you more cost and effort.