Let Us Fight COVID-19 Together

From December 2019, you have been hearing about Covid-19 and the number of deaths caused by this deadly virus is increasing as the days go by. In such a situation, what are the precautionary measures you must be taking, so that you stay safe and healthy? The availability of a face mask which is a primary requisite of stopping the spread of the virus has decreased. What is the reason for this? Where to buy a face mask? Get answers to all of the above questions here. Let’s begin by analyzing Covid-19.

What Is COVID-19?

It expands to CoronaVirus Disease and the number 19 corresponds to the year in which it was first detected; that is in the year 2019. With the number of death and infected patients increasing, it has been declared as a pandemic. It is an infection that attacks the human respiratory system. It is often mistaken to be a normal flu because of the similarity in the symptoms of the two.

Precautionary Measures

In light of the rapid spread of this disease, WHO has issued preventive measures that need to be followed by everyone. Given below are the most important measures that can be done even when sitting at home.

Stay At Home

This is the best way to stay safe in the current situation because you never know who has caught this flu. So, when you step out and get anywhere near the infected patient, the chances of you catching this dreaded flue are high.

Wash Your Hands With Soap

Wash your hands with soap and keep doing it regularly. Also, avoid touching your eyes and nose with your hands unnecessarily. This is because the behavior of this virus is to first attack the human respiratory system and slow the breathing gradually. You are also advised to use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

Stay Informed

Stay updated with the number of deaths and the area where the virus has hit the maximum. It also means to be updated about the preventive measure that has been issued by the health organizations.

Use A Face Mask

Although the virus is microscopic, individuals are advised to use a face mask. Where to buy a face mask? You can easily get one from your nearest medical shop or you can even order it online.

Maintain Safe Distance

Ensure that you maintain a safe distance of three feet or one meter if you find someone sneezing or coughing.