How To Boost 4G Signals?

Unlike earlier times, cell phones today are not only used for making voice calls but also for watching videos, accessing the internet, sending e-mails, using social media, etc, making mobile data transfer very important in our day-to-day lives.

The speed of mobile data transfer is also very important. People demand more internet speed every day and it depends on your mobile operator. However, several factors can negatively affect the data transfer speed on your cell phone. The main reason being a weak 4G signal.

What Is 4G LTE?

This is the fourth generation of mobile cellular technology. 4G LTE allows high-speed internet access, high-definition video, internet telephone, etc. Today, 4G LTE is available all around the world and more than 90% of the smartphones manufactured are 4G compatible.

Most often people do not get proper internet access even though they use 4G connectivity. This is mainly because of factors like distance from the cell tower, building material blocking the signals, bad weather, etc.

Let’s take a look at different ways to boost the 4G cell signal.

Adjust Your Phone

When the 4G cell signal reception in your area is not strong enough, your phone will get automatically switched to a 3G connection. If your cell phone is showing H+ on the signal bar, it does not mean that your phone is not capable of receiving 4G mobile data. It means the network is not strong enough to provide better 4G signals. You can avoid the network switch by making some adjustments in your phone’s settings. You can change the preferred network type to 4G only to avoid switching.

Use 4G Signal Optimizers

There are several Android and iPhone applications available in the play store and app store that increases the strength of 4G signals. Most of these apps claim that they can boost 4G signals up to 5 bars. They boost the signal by altering the upload and download speeds. One drawback is that these apps drain the phone battery quickly.

Use 4G LTE booster

The most reliable and professional way of boosting the 4G signals in your home or office is by using a 4G LTE booster. This electronic device is specifically designed to increase the strength of 4G signals and improve the 4G data transfer speed.

Most of the 4G signal boosters are available at a reasonable price. There are signal boosters that work on varying frequencies and boost 4G signals of different network providers. Therefore, find out which frequency is best suited for your area before buying a 4G signal booster.