Eco-Friendly Leather Alternatives from Apparel Manufacturers

Clothing Manufacturers

The downsides of factory farming and the health issues that affect the workers in the leather industry and clothing manufacturers are making people seek the other natural alternatives available in the market. Though it cannot be denied that leather is a durable and classic material, and that mankind has been benefiting from the animal hide for years, it has become a concern for most consumers, as more people are now concerned about their choices of fabrics on the environment.

For the same reason, apparel manufacturers all over the world are coming into the forefront with various vegan alternatives that are hardy like leather, and most importantly, with options that don’t bring harm to animals. From boots that are made of pineapples to belts that are made out of recycling hose-pipes, there are many exciting new fabrics available in the leather industry. For more such alternatives, you can visit


This is one of the top leather alternatives made out of pineapple leaf fibers and is taking the forefront of the eco-fashion world. In addition to the fact that it is sustainable, it also supports communities of local farmers by providing extra income from things that were been discarded as wastes.

Waxed Canvas and (Organic) Cotton

Waxed canvas is a diverse material, which is traditionally used for making bags and jeans; it is a stylish material whose popularity is growing and the use of which is expanding to other fabric items. Wax is an environmentally friendly material that protects you from harmful elements like the elements in leather. It is waterproof and pliable – canvas or waxed cotton is way easier to clean than leather. This helps you in cutting down the cost of dry cleaning and also the use of harmful elements present in it.

Leaf Leather

Tree leaves are one of the other durable options for making fabrics that mostly do not come to everyone’s mind. It is a rare material available in the market and is created by applying a polymer for preserving tree leaves to convert it into the fiber. One of the major advantages of this is that the leaves can easily be sourced. Also, no harmful elements are required for the treatment process.


Cork is a natural fiber that is obtained from the cork of oak tree; it is a quirky, sturdy and waterproof alternative for leather, and is regarded as one of the most forward-thinking fashion material. This is a renewable and recyclable option; durability, weightlessness, and ease to carry around are the other advantages of this alternative.