Benefits of Internal Linking in SEO

Internal linking happens when you link one of the pages of a website to another one within the same site. It is an essential strategy for SEO and is highly effective in improving your SEO rankings. Interlinking makes a page that has a hyperlink which leads to other pages within the same domain. Remember that interlinking should be done only when necessary. Unnecessary use of interlinks could backfire. Below is a discussion on the powerful benefits of internal linking provided by Los Angeles SEO agency.

Benefits of Internal Linking

Allows Users to Navigate Websites Easily

Readers visit the website looking for specific needs. Some may look for service description and others may want to communicate. Therefore, it is essential to bring them to the right page. This can be achieved through the right internal linking strategy.

3 Ways of User Navigation That Affects your SEO are:

Time on Page: in case a user get the information they are looking for, they may decide to stay longer and discover related subjects. This significantly improves your SEO.

Page View: by guiding the users to a more useful page, the number of views for both pages increases. This contributes to a higher page view for the website and helps SEO.

Bounce Rate

By making sure the experience of a user is smooth, you can ensure that the bounce rate is kept at a minimum, which can in turn improve SEO.

Establish Architecture of the Website

The structure and architecture are dictated by internal linking. Website architecture refers to the experience delivered to users. For instance, a great website has several internal links connecting its main page with the sub-level pages and so on in the order that makes the experience worthwhile. An internal linking structure that takes good care of the user intent is said to be the best.

Spread Link Equity throughout Websites

Each link carries equity called the link juice. This includes trustworthiness, authoritativeness, value, and topic relevance of the page. This can be transferred through the pages via interlinking. Good ranking is a sign that the link carries a good quality. This could be used again to link to another page to which you want to transfer the link equity. Remember that you only have to transfer the link equity to the pages that deserve it. Otherwise, you may dilute the link equity.