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Dogs are regarded as the best friends of humans. In fact, it will be an ultimate joy to parent a furry friend. Even though most dog owners tend to train their dog to be obedient, even the most domesticated canines are likely to snap or get aggressive under certain circumstances. After all, they are wild by nature. Of course, you will be worried to the core if your dog bit or attacked someone. In such cases, you are likely to encounter multiple doubts such as the legal ramifications you will have to go through, whether or not your dog will be quarantined. Even though you may get panic or shocked when you four-legged friend attacked someone, it is recommended to take swift actions.

In most cases, the victim is likely to file a dog bite claim against you to obtain fair settlement. The compensation amount will be determined based on the damages as well as the talent of your dog bite attorney. No wonder, most people will be wondering about the ways to prevent their dog from getting aggressive. Fortunately, there are some ways with which you can achieve the goal to an extent. On a related note, dogs are wild and hence, you can never predict their behavior. So, never expect 100% results.

To avoid dog bites, you must understand what can trigger your canine friends. Furthermore, everyone, especially children and elderly people, must learn to behave around dogs. Additionally, dog owners must take responsibility for their dog’s actions. Note that public awareness and responsible dog ownership can address this issue to a great extent. To give you in-depth details about the same, you may refer to the points given below.

Why Do Dogs Attack or Bite?

In most cases, dogs tend to bite people when they feel endangered or threatened in some way. This is a natural instinct that can be seen in almost every domestic canine irrespective of how obedient they are. Hence, it is important for the dog owners and the people who interact with the dog to understand what may provoke them. Some of those instances may include;

  • Dogs may attack people to defend themselves, their loved ones, territory, or the members in their pack. Mother dogs may also attack people ferociously to protect their puppies.
  • If a person tries to startle a dog all of a sudden by shouting or waking it up by approaching from behind, the chances for the person to end up with a dog bite are high.
  • Running away from a dog even while playing can provoke your furry friend. While they might think chasing is a part of the game or is fun, it is most likely to turn aggressive shortly.
  • Some dogs will be so fearful because of their circumstances and they are likely to bite anyone that approaches them. For instance, an isolated dog, loud noise, an abused dog, etc.
  • If a dog is not physically well, it is better to leave it alone for sometimes. Note that some physically unwell dogs prefer being alone and even the touch or closeness of its loved ones can provoke it.

How to Prevent Dog Bites

If you decide to adopt a dog, you must be prepared to take all the responsibility of your dog’s actions. So, make sure to train your dog well and keep it under your control always. To prevent dog bites, it is better to exercise the following tips.

  • Give basic training to your dog and continue it throughout its life so that your furry friend will never forget the lessons that you have taught it
  • Try to socialize your domestic canine. For this, allow your dog to interact with your relatives, friends, and neighbors under positive and calm circumstances. You can take your dog to different types of people such as children, physically-disabled people, elderly people, etc. Furthermore, expose your pet to different situations or circumstances such as loud noise, animals, vehicles, large machines, or any other elements that your dog is scared of. It is always better to start training from a younger age.
  • Never try to employ violent, physical, or aggressive techniques to discipline your dog. It is always better to rely on positive reinforcement methods. Plus, try to reward your dog for its appreciable actions.
  • Always warn people around you if you know or suspect that your dog can get aggressive or fearful. In such cases, it is recommended to use a muzzle as well. Furthermore, never allow other animals or people to approach your dog until the situation is totally under your control
  • Do regular vaccinations and veterinary checkups

What if a Dog Bite Occurs?

If your dog bites someone even after taking all the above-mentioned precautions, it is recommended to take the following steps.

  • Confine your dog to its cage or another room
  • Assist the victim in washing the injury with warm water
  • Attend to the victim and never try to argue or put the blame on them. Otherwise, the victim is likely to go the legal way because of your rude behavior.
  • Seek medical assistance irrespective of the severity of the bite or injuries
  • Exchange contact information with the dog bite victim and collect contact information from the witnesses if any
  • Get the medical reports of your dog from the veterinarian
  • Inform local authorities about the dog bite incident