Things you need to know about Renters Insurance and Dog Bites

Dog Bite Claim
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For most people, their dogs are more than just pets and are considered as their family members. Obviously, it will be extremely joyful to parent a compassionate and loyal canine. While owning a super friendly canine is incredibly ecstatic, it comes with its own set of risks. Note that even your most benevolent fury friend may get aggressive and attack others under certain circumstances. As a caretaker, it is your responsibility to avoid such situations. However, if your dog attacked someone or caused any property damage, you will be held responsible and will have to give fair financial coverage to the victim. Thankfully, you can insure yourselves against the injuries or other damages caused by your dog by choosing renters insurance coverage of dog bite incidents.

Note that renters insurance is actually a kind of home insurance. This is to give financial coverage to the renters against theft, liability, and loss. In simple words, renters insurance will provide full coverage for your home and will pay the renter to replace the lost or stolen properties and to repair the damaged ones. Additionally, renter’s insurance policy will also provide you adequate coverage against the liability if someone is injured while at your rental property.  This includes a dog bite incident as well. That is if your domestic dog attacked someone while at your rented home and the victim filed a dog bite claim against you, a renter’s insurance policy will shield you.

Usually, dog bites are categorized under the personal liabilities in the renter’s insurance policy. You can also avail necessary coverage if you are attacked by your dog at your rental home premises. Note that there are many cases in which the domestic canines attacked the tenants in their apartment resulting in catastrophic injuries and death. However, do thorough researches before purchasing a renter’s insurance since only some types of renters policy provide coverage for dog bite incidents. You can seek suggestion from a credible dog bite attorney for this. Besides, some insurance companies do not provide coverage for certain breeds of dogs, mostly the large, overly protective and aggressive ones. Some of those canine breeds that most insurance companies tend to exclude from their renter’s coverage include;

  • Pit bulls
  • Rottweiler
  • Mastiffs
  • Dobermans
  • Boxers
  • German shepherds

Hence, make sure to clarify things with your insurance agent before choosing a renter’s policy, especially if you own a large dog. In case your dog is excluded from the coverage, you may purchase an additional insurance shield to remain protected. One of the perfect options for this is the umbrella policy that offers coverage for medical expenses, litigation costs, etc., associated with a dog bite incident. Plus, this type of policies tends to offer coverage even if the dog bite incident occurred outside the rental home premises.