Pro-Con Comparison of Accepting a Dog Bite Settlement and Going for Trial

Dog Bite Claim
Dog Bite Settlement

It is a known fact that, if you get attacked by another person’s dog, you can file a dog bite claim for recovering money for your losses caused by the attack. When you file a lawsuit for getting compensation for dog bite injury, you will get two options. The first option is to settle for an amount offered by the defendant or his/her insurance company, and next is to go for trial, where a judge or jury will be deciding the amount of compensation based on the damages you suffered because of the dog attack.

Both these options have their own benefits and drawbacks. Hence you can select any of these based on your situation and the nature of the case. If you are not sure about choosing an option that is right for you, then it is better to consult a dog bite attorney. He/she will help you to determine which the best choice is for you by analyzing the details of your case and the possible amount you can claim based on the seriousness of the damages you incurred.

When is it Better to go for a Settlement or Trial?

Seeking the advice of an experienced dog bite attorney will help you to make sure that you do not lose the amount you deserve because of the wrong decision you made. In some cases, the defendant or insurance company may persuade you to accept a small settlement even before the case goes to the court.

If the evidence is strong enough to prove the liability of the defendant, they will try their best you avoid further damages by pressuring you for an early settlement. In such cases, you should be really careful, because the money they offer may be too small to cover your injuries and other losses caused by the dog attack.

But in certain cases, when you don’t have enough proof for holding the dog owner responsible for the dog attack, then it might be better to accept the best offer that the defendant or insurance company is offering, because if the case goes to the court the chance for winning is very slim because of the lack of evidence.

Pros and Cons of Accepting a Settlement

The major advantage you will get by accepting a settlement is that you will be free from the hassle of appearing in the court several times for litigation. The case will end quickly and you can move on with your life without worrying about going for trials now and then.

The main disadvantage of settling the case out of court is that the amount offered can be too small and you may not receive the amount that you might have received if the case went to trial.

Pros and Cons of Going for Trial

The main benefit is that you may get a huge amount if the court takes pity on you. However, this process is too slow and may take several months or even years for completing the litigation and to finally receive the amount you deserve.