Liabilities of the Owner in a Dog Bite Case

Dog Bite Claim

Dog bites are becoming a major problem in the country. Every day there is an average of 2000 dog bite cases recorded in the emergency department of the hospitals in the country. Sometimes dog bites may cause only a small injury, but, other times those injuries can be very severe. The California law states that if you are bitten by a dog while you were in a public place or in a private place, you are eligible to claim for damages from the incident. There are many law firm specialized in injury to help you file law suits relating to personal injury in the United States.

There are some basic things that you should ensure before filing a case for a claim of damages caused due to dog bite. Firstly, you must prove that your presence in the place was lawful, if you were bitten by the dog while you were in a private place. Or in simple sense, you must prove before the court that you were not trespassing any private property at the time of the event. Another thing you must ensure is that, the case must be filed within a period of 2 years from the date of the accident. If the case is filed after the stipulated time, it will get automatically rejected.

The liability of the owner of the dog is inseparable during the time of a trial for claim due to dog bite. The owner is responsible to compensate the victim even if he proves that the behavior of the dog was unforeseeable. There are also provisions in the law that makes the owner of the dog liable even if there was no actual bite but only an act of violence from the dog on the victim. He will be always held responsible for not securing the dog properly, even if the dog just scratched the victim.

California is a state that follows strict rules and regulation in case of personal injuries. Therefore, the suit filed for claim under dog bite is considered a serious trial under civil court. There can be many defensive statements from the owner of the dog; such as the victim was trespassing a private property or the dog was on official duty under the police or military activities. The owner may also object the verdict by stating that the event occurred only because the victim provoked the dog. Therefore, to ensure that the law suit is filed properly and to prove the authenticity of the case, appointment of an attorney specialized in injury claims in necessary.