How Can An Attorney Be Of Help In Your Dog Bite Case?

Dog Bite Attorney
Dog Bite Attorney
Dog Bite Attorney

Only a small number of dog bite cases result in compensation for the victim. Albeit you have an unlikely-to-fail case, you need the assistance of a dog bite attorney to stand a chance of getting fair compensation.

The case may or may not go to court, but with the lawyer there to help you, you are more likely to recover fair compensation. For instance, if the case is to be settled out of court, your attorney would negotiate with the defendant and their representatives, including their insurer. Here is what the lawyer can do for the claimant in a dog bite case. If you think hiring a lawyer can be of help, contact the LA-based Davidovich Law firm to schedule a consultation today.

Provide Legal Prowess

You are unlikely to have expertise in the legal intricacies of California. Attorneys are available to comprehend, interpret and use present law to compile evidence for the legal case against the defendant.

Strict liability applies to California dog bit case defendants. In other words, whether or not the dog owner knew about their animal’s bite history or violent behavior, they are liable for your damages.

Attorneys have both knowledge and hands-on experience. They are likely to have dealt with cases similar to yours and know the way in which litigation works throughout. Experience is priceless. Besides, attorneys are allowed to go into various legal materials to work properly. They can work with paralegals on research to gather evidence. Hiring a group of attorneys will provide the legal expertise you would not find by yourself.

Act As Personal Advocates

Lawyers for dog bites will support you right through the case. They have to represent and communicate your interests in negotiations soundly and persuasively. Moreover, they will strive to conduct legal proceedings against the guilty individual to the maximum extent required. Dog bite attorneys work up to the time that the defendant is punished for his or her crime. The attorneys’ persistence confirms that the at-fault party is held liable for what they did, and that you get compensation.


The quality of the lawyers’ negotiation can make or break the case. An attorney will ideally represent their client’s interests; present the latter’s claim, and try to get an out-of-court settlement. This way, you being the client will not even have to go to the court. Dog bite attorneys who are good at negotiating can confirm that this process pans out in a smooth way.