Who Will Be Legally Responsible For Dog Bites in LA?

Dog Bite Claim

Dogs bite several Los Angeles people, and some of these bites cause severe injuries. Depending upon the circumstances, the victim can file an injury lawsuit for compensation from the concerned dog owner or some other at-fault party. In the case you have been bitten, seek medical attention right away. When left untreated, it can cause a serious infection or injury and even demise if that dog was having a likely fatal illness.

Determining Liability for Dog Bite Injuries

Establishing which party owned that dog is the first step in finding out who is legally to blame for the injuries. California’s law makes a dog’s owner strictly responsible for the actions of their dog, meaning it does not matter whether they knew about the animal’s dangerous behavior or its biting history. There are exceptions to strict liability; they cannot be held legally responsible like that if the victim was provoking this animal or was trespassing.

Besides the dog’s owner, other parties may also be held responsible for the incident including one tasked with its custody or care. A premises owner can be held legally liable in the case they permitted the animal to enter their property. Likewise, it is possible to hold a landlord liable if their tenant’s dog bit someone and injured him or her.

Dog Bite Compensation

It can be tricky to determine your rights as a dog bite victim. Experienced attorneys can help find out if one has a dog bite claim, plus the compensation amount the latter may be eligible for. The compensation for damages depends on numerous factors, including whether that injured party contributed to this accident or not, and the severity of his or her injuries. Usually, one may be eligible for compensation for monetary and non-monetary damages. In certain cases, the court may grant punitive damages to the victim to punish that dog owner’s deliberate or reckless behavior.

LA Dog Bite Lawyers

Homeowners’ insurance tends to cover most such accidents, but some insurance carriers will try to provide the victim with a settlement that is not fair enough. It is not a good idea to talk to the negligent party’s insurer and accept such an unfair offer from them before speaking to a lawyer. The professional with experience will go toe to toe with them to make sure that you get the deserving compensation. Should they not make such an offer, the lawyer will help you take the matter to the court.