What Legal Options you May Be Able to Take after a Dog Bite Injury?

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Dogs bite thousands yearly, and in the majority of cases, these are minor bites. However, several dog bite-induced injuries are not at all minor. Some dog attacks even lead to fatalities. Read on to discover the basics regarding your options.

You May Have the Right to Claim Many Damages

After a dog bite, you might just be eligible for numerous damages, which is a legal term for compensation. These could include every medical cost related to the incident, future medical expenses, physical therapy, lost wages, and non-monetary damages. If it caused demise, one may also have a legal right to wrongful death compensation.

Certain Cases May Necessitate a Workers’ Comp Claim

In certain cases, the injured party may have this claim rather than one related to personal injury. For instance, professionals such as a mail carrier, delivery person or others have to visit a private place as part of their work. In that case, these individuals have the concerned property owner’s implied consent to visit his or her property. Even so, if his or her workers’ comp does not entirely insure this injury, he or she may have to take legal action for personal injury.

Which Injuries Most Commonly Occur After a Dog Bite?

In certain situations, dog bites lead to permanent disfigurement and need plastic surgery. Many of these incidents entail continuing medical requirements and rehabilitation. These can also cause emotional injuries, involving pain and suffering. You must consider all these factors when you file a dog bite injury-related case.

Over 85% of the attacks cause physical injury, and among those hospitalized following a dog’s bite, 42% are treated either for skin lacerations or tissue infection. Over 20% of those individuals have injuries on their arms and legs, 5% of them sustain injuries on the torso, neck, and head, plus the rest suffer from blood poisoning or damaged bones.

The Things You Should Do After a Dog Bites You

First, you have to seek medical attention as soon as possible. You may feel that you do not have any serious injuries, but remember that your injuries could be infected or more severe than these seem. Having your family doctor or an emergency room doctor examine your injuries will assure the best possible medical care and will help in a potential lawsuit.

Then, contact the local animal control agency. The agency people have to determine whether that dog has rabies. The dog owner has to do this, but you must ensure that it is done. Photograph your injuries, and obtain details of the concerned dog owner. After doing all this when you are able, call a dog bite injury lawyer for a consultation.