Tips to Prevent Dog Bites

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Dog Bites Prevention Tips

The consequences of dog bites can be very serious at times. Some statistics say that around 4.7 million people suffer dog bites every year in the United States. 800,000 is the number of people who seek medical care due to dog bites every year in the United States. In most of the cases where the children are bitten by dogs, it is observed that it is the familiar dogs from which they suffer the bites.

It is necessarily the responsibility of the dog owners to ensure that their dog is calm and does not show any weird behavior. If the owner does not take proper care and precautions, there is a high chance for his dog to get violent. The reason for the violent behavior of the dog can be internal or external. Proper precautions taken by the owner can avoid the post-bite trauma in many cases.

Here are some tips, which may prove to be useful to prevent dog bites.

Appropriate Training and Socialization

It is very important to train and socialize the dog properly so that its behavior can be regulated in all conditions. The primary care provider of the dog must teach some basic things so that the dog will be accustomed to the social conditions and situations to which it will usually be exposed. The bond between the dog and the owner or the caretaker must be deep that the dog feels protected when the person is around.

Use a Leash in Public Places

When taking your dog to public places, make sure that you use a leash that is not too long. Using a long leash can limit the control you have over the dog. On the other hand, a small leash will restrict the movement of the dog, and you will be able to control the dog in a better way.

Avoid Stressful Situations

If your dog seems to be uncomfortable in a particular situation or place, you must restrain from compelling it to stay there for a longer time. Some dogs may not like socially interactive places, and if so, the owner must avoid taking the dog there. Otherwise, the dog may behave in an aggressive or disturbed manner, which can cause problems later.

Understand the Legalities Involved in a Dog Bite Case

Indeed, many dog owners do not give much importance to the safety of the dog and the people around the dog because they are ignorant of the legal formalities and the cost that will be incurred on them in a dog bite claim. The compensation that the owner of the dog will be entitled to give in case of a dog bite is very high, and this thought should help every dog owner to take all possible measures to avoid such situations.