The Average Settlement in Dog Bite Lawsuits

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Dog Bite Lawsuits

The value of compensation you can expect to receive in dog bite settlement cases is dependent on different factors. This includes the circumstances leading to your case. Below is a discussion on the factors that influence the dog bite lawsuit settlement amounts.

Dog Bite Settlement Liability

California does not have the one bite rule in the canine attacks category. It will allow individuals to seek the compensation they deserve even if the animal was a peaceful pet until the attack. It is advisable to consult a dog bite attorney in the event of an attack for better instructions on the ways to proceed legally. The owner is held responsible for the injuries if the dog bites you. This is so if the dog bite happened at the owner’s property, if the victim was invited, or at a public place. If the person was illegally present inside the property of the animal’s owner, they will not be allowed to collect damages.

Dog owners from California cannot plead ignorance if the dog attacks a kid or an adult. They cannot create a defense that is linked to them not knowing well that the animal had aggressive behavior. The state has removed the statutes that allow the one-free-bite-rule.

Determining Compensation for Dog Attacks

Regardless of the knowledge in the case, it is not possible to determine the amount of money you would be eligible for in the event of a dog bite. However, it is possible to consider several factors that are influential in the final decision.

Generally, the dog bite victim would be eligible for compensation on all the medical expenses linked to the incident. This includes the expenses from the very start and all the care afterward. Other amounts considered include the loss of income caused by the dog bite.

The Dog Bite Compensation Calculator

Apart from the medical care expenses and the lost income due to the absence from work, the jury has the right to consider non-economic losses. This takes into account emotional trauma, physical pain and suffering linked to the attack.

A per diem system is employed while calculating such compensations. The jury calculates a monetary compensation according to the physical pain and emotional suffering of the victim. This daily amount is then multiplied with the number of days of pain and suffering. Make sure you consult an experienced dog bite lawyer in the event of a dog bite to ensure the smooth procedure of trial.