Immediate Things to Do if you Are Bit by a Stray Dog

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Around 4.5 million dog bites take place every year in the US of which a big number of cases end up being infectious based on the studies done recently by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Additionally, the numbers also comprise of cases of the stray dog bites. Here are some basic overview of such cases, and the significant things you are supposed to do if you are bitten by a stray dog.

Dealing With a Stray Dog

There are some important safety tips to be followed if you notice a stray dog you had not came across before by which you may save yourself. Approaching an unfamiliar animal must be avoided. You must ensure that you are not making any loud noise or other disturbance once you have noted it. Initially let it sniff and smell, if at all any dog had approached you. Never look directly into the eyes of the dog. In most severe cases of knocking you down, just shield your neck and ears by curling into a ball. Never approach a dog that is eating, caring for puppies or sleeping.

Once You are Bit

You could still get bitten though you had behaved safely. Get your injuries treated and examined, even with a rabies shot. Report the attack instantly to the animal control and give them required details about how and where the attack had taken place along with the information about the dog. You may also report the dog bite after tracking down the owner of the dog, which will be of use in insurance purposes. Save the clothing that you were using at the time of the bite without being washed, as this may aid you in determining the severity of the bite.

Figuring Out the Keeper of the Dog

Taking care of all these stray dogs by anyone is not always possible in normal circumstances. Often, it might have run off from anyone who was watching the dog. These responsible situations include anyone who has been asked to care for the dog when the owner is out of town, any irresponsible shelter or kennel employee. Preferentially, a stray dog can be any dog found at some unknown place away from its home.

Seeking Legal Help

More than considering any other impacts, the traumatic event is the most dreadful effect of a dog bite. Meanwhile, dealing with the injury claim of the bite of a stray dog is a heinous task rather than the usual. You may also figure out that who is actually the cause for such a mishap such as a shelter or Animal Control. So as to solve this out, you may hire dog bite attorney at the earliest.