How to Calculate Pain and Suffering in Dog Bite Cases

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Dog Bite Cases

When you file a dog bite claim, you can recover money for the damages like injuries, pain and suffering, loss of pay, etc. It is easy to calculate the cost associated with medical bills and lost wages as they can be determined directly. But the calculation of the amount associated with pain and suffering is difficult to determine as there is no physical means to measure the emotional distress that a person had gone through because of the dog attack and you might need to seek the help of a personal injury accident insurance expert to determine this.

The pain and suffering will vary according to each person and case. There will be physical pain resulted from the injuries caused by the accident along with emotional suffering. As a result of the traumatic experience like a dog bite, a person can experience different mental problems like shock, anxiety, depression, sleeplessness and other psychological symptoms. In some extreme cases, the person may suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) also.

Therefore, it is a complex procedure to determine the compensation for the pain and suffering the victim incurred because of the accident, as it varies tremendously from person to person. However, the calculation of this factor is very important as it is a main component in determining your dog bite claim. Therefore you have to consult a good dog bite attorney to determine the costs associated with pain and suffering to get the maximum dog bite claim.

Following are some information about how the dog bite claim for pain and suffering is calculated:

  • Some dog bite attorneys use a “multiplier” in which they multiply the total medical expenses and lost wages to calculate the amount for pain and suffering. But this will be a rough calculation and will vary according to different cases.
  • If there are some permanent injuries like scarring or any other permanent disability caused by the dog attack, then these factors will be also considered to calculate the pain and suffering. Such permanent disability or “disfigurement” can result in long-term psychological effects like depression, loss of self-esteem, avoiding social interactions etc. So the amount will be high in those cases.
  • If the victim of a dog attack is a child, then they might experience more trauma and fear than adults. The injuries can also become severe for children and can lead to permanent scarring and other disabilities. Therefore the amount will be high for those cases which involve children. However, the law prevents parents from claiming money for their own pain and suffering caused by the injuries of their child.
  • If you are able to prove that you will need more medical attention in the future because of the accident, then compensation will be given for the future pain and suffering also.