Things To Do If Your Dog Attacks Someone

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Dog bites are quite common these days. In the case of stray dogs, the authoritative people will soon catch and isolate the canine if any dog bite reports are registered. However, things will be a bit different if your dog attacked someone. In such cases, you must expect many possibilities such as your dog being quarantined for a period of time, legal actions against you or the dog’s caretaker, etc. In worst cases, your dog will be taken away from you and it will be extremely heartbreaking for sure.

Sometimes, you will not be able to stop such attacks since your canine may get triggered at certain moments. One of such common situations is when your dog feels that its owner is being assaulted or threatened. In case your dog bit someone in order to protect or defend its owner or caretaker, you are bound to get legal support. Otherwise, it is better to learn about the things that you must do if your dog attacked someone.

Firstly, make sure that the victim is provided with medical assistance on time and be nice and compassionate to the person. A few weeks or days after the incident, make sure to meet the victim in person and inquire about his/her health. Show the person that you are apologetic for the incident and is genuinely worried about the victim’s health. Furthermore, take copies of the medical sheet of your dog that documents that your dog is vaccinated for rabies and hand it over to the victim. The relief that the victim is not at the risk of being infected with rabies can put his mind at peace.

Never assume that the victim will opt out of charging a dog bite claim or other charges against you as well as your dog with this behavior. However, the chances for the same will be more in this case. In case the victim decided to move forward the legal way, you may end up in three places.

Civil court – If the negligence of the dog owner caused the dog bite accident

Criminal court – If the injuries are really fatal and traumatic, you are likely to face a number of criminal charges. You will be accused of criminal charges if your domestic canine has a rap sheet as well. Nevertheless, this happens rarely.

Dog court – This happens when the authorities employed at animal control board visit you and your pet dog. In such cases, it is really important to consult a dog bite attorney and prepare your defense claims.

Anyhow, consult a dog bite attorney beforehand and be prepared with your defense claims. Be extra careful under the following situations.

  • If you feel that the victim is intended to file a dog bite case against you
  • If your dog is ill or you skipped the canine’s rabies vaccination,
  • If the police contacted you
  • If the victim threatened you for money
  • If the chances for you to face criminal charges are more

So, make sure you find a good attorney in your area and discuss things with him beforehand.