The Dog Bite Laws in California

Dog Bite Attorney
Dog Bite Laws

It is significant for the dog owners as well as the neighbors to know about different dog laws that are currently in effect in California. This will help both parties to be cautious and to take the necessary steps if a dog bite incident occurred. Plus, you will get more clarity as you consult a dog bite attorney. Some of the top dog bite laws prevailing in California are explained below.

The Leash Law

According to this law, the dog owner must restrain their furry friend by a leash of substantial length and must be under the control of the caretaker whenever they step out of their property. Note that the leash length must not exceed more than 6 feet. In other words, the dogs are not allowed to run or roam freely in public places such as parks, private properties of neighbors, etc.

If your dog is not restrained by a leash and if it bit someone, you will be held liable for the incident and will have to bear the consequences. So, it is better to consult an experienced dog bite lawyer and learn about all such laws before buying a dog.

The Service Dog Law

According to the service dog law, a person who has any kind of disability can bring his/her service dog to any public building or location throughout California. Note that it is against the law to exclude them from a property since they are accompanied by their dogs. Besides, it is the liability to the property owner to do modifications in their building so as to accommodate service dogs as well.

In California, you can expect a fine of approximately $1000 if a business owner refused the entry to disabled persons or his/her service dog. Plus, the entry to service dogs must be free of cost. However, the dog owner is liable to bear the expenses if the dog caused any kind of damage to the property.

The Dog in Car Law

The dog laws in California are not just for the dogs walking on the roadways or public places. Note that you cannot leave your dog unattended in your cars in California when it is extremely hot or cold outside. Needless to mention, the extreme temperature can damage the internal organs of your canine and can even lead to its death.

If you left your dog in your car during the average-temperature day, make sure that the car is ventilated and there are dog food and water inside. Otherwise, you will be legally punished. Furthermore, it is not allowed to leave your dog to wander freely in your trucks or vans while traveling. Rather, they must be secured in a cage or Kennel.