Steps to File a Dog Bite Report

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Dogs are the best companions of humans. Still, even the best domestic canine can attack people at times. Thankfully, California enforces dog bite lawsuit with which the victim can claim legal, medical, and financial coverage. However, most people are still not aware of the steps to be taken right after getting attacked by a dog. If you are also wondering about the same, below are the significant steps everyone must take after a dog bite in order to file a dog bite injury lawsuit.

The First Steps

Taking immediate action after a dog bite is important for your physical health as well as for the legal ramifications. Below are the immediate steps you need to take after a dog bite.

  • The first step is to take medical aid right away irrespective of whether there is a mild scratch or severe injuries. Note that some dogs will not be vaccinated and hence, even a small scratch can trigger rabies infection. If possible, it is recommended to take photos of your wound before getting it treated so that officials will be able to document the case more accurately.
  • Get necessary information about the dog owner or caretaker right after the accident. Obviously, you will not be able to file a case without proper information about the person who is responsible for the incident. Additionally, get contact information from the witnesses as well. It is to be noted that witnesses will be able to describe the incident accurately in case of an insurance claim or a lawsuit.
  • File a complaint at your local animal control agency. This will not only prevent further dog bite incidents but also their investigation about the dog bite accident may help your case.

Filing a Dog Bite Case

While documenting a dog bite case, describe about the resulting injuries like severe wounds and visible scratches along with its after-effects such as prolonging pain, inability to lead proper lifestyle, decreased mobility, etc. You can give this documentation in the form of written documents, voice recordings, photos, medical records, journal entries, etc. Furthermore, try to write down the circumstances and events surrounding the dog attack including as many details as you can right after the incident.

Documenting the details of witnesses will be helpful for claiming insurance. Additionally, keep records of all the expenses associated with the dog bite such as lost wages, medical bills, travel costs, etc. Note that the more documentation you do regarding the dog bite incident, the chances for your dog attack attorney to determine the compensation amount will be more. After all, a good dog attack attorney will be able to obtain a good settlement amount for his party despite the strategies used by insurance companies so as to make the victims accept their low dog bite settlement deals.