Reasons Why Dogs Become Aggressive Leading to Bites

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The number of dog bites reported in the state of California is very high every year. In most cases, children are the victims of dog bites. The reason for dog bites is that the dogs become aggressive and attack people. Therefore, the number of dog bite cases can be on a check if proper measures are taken to see that the dogs do not become violent or aggressive.

In taking such measures, the very first step is to understand the reasons why dogs become aggressive. Once you know the reasons why dogs become aggressive, you will be able to find solutions to prevent such happenings. Herein are listed some of the main reasons why dogs become aggressive and show violent behavior.

Fear: It is one reason why dogs become aggressive. If they feel unsafe around someone, there is a high chance that the dogs become violent. This can happen in the presence of other dogs or the presence of strangers. This can be overcome to some extent by the proper socialization of the dog. If the dog had some bad experiences in the past from the previous owner or other dogs, the dog may turn aggressive when it feels that it is in danger.

Resource Guarding: Some dogs in an attempt to safeguard their possession may turn violent and aggressive if anyone comes very closer to it. This behavior can be shown even towards the dear ones and the owner.

Recent Changes: If there is any sudden change in the surroundings of the dog, it may show aggressive behavior. This includes shifting the dog to a new house or new place which the dog is not adapted to.

Social Aggression: When there are so many dogs living together, they will have their arrangement and understanding of how things should work out among themselves. If any of the dogs misbehave or breaks the order, some other dog in the pack may get aggressive and show violence to the other dog/dogs.

Leash Aggression: Some dogs will be very friendly in normal circumstances. However, when they are put on a leash they exhibit aggressive behavior. They start to snap, bark and destroy the things nearby. This kind of dog aggression is aimed at other dogs, which are roaming free without any leash.

Frustration: Some dogs will get aggressive when they are frustrated because they are unable to do something, which they want to do.

Have a proper understanding of such reasons for the aggressive behavior of dogs so that you can avoid dog bite cases. In case you suffer injuries from a dog bite, seek the help of a dog bite attorney to make a dog bite claim.