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Dog owners usually say that they know their dogs’ intentions and frequently deny the probability that it could ever bite a human. This, however, lasts only until the dog eventually bites someone. Dogs might be man’s closest friend, however, they are equally capable of causing heavy damage or even death of a person. If such a case occurs to you or your loved one, it is better to understand the California dog bite laws better to help deal with it. Below is a discussion of the cases when there are injuries other than bites which also cause damage to the person involved.

Injuries Other than Bites

The strict liability laws for dog owners only include injuries associated with dog bites. Note that the rule says that the dog does not need to break your skin. That is not the only sort of damage a dog can cause. Consider a scenario where you are harmed due to the dog assaults and trips you over. In such an event, you can even now sue the owner or handler of the animal.

You will most probably have to demonstrate that the defendant was “careless.” This means that they knew or ought to have realized that the dog was harmful. Besides, this also includes a situation where they failed to caution or protectyou from the threat. Additionally, a few regions have laws that stretch out by including risk to types of wounds other than bites. Hence, it is advisable to so check with a local dog bite attorney about the laws in your region.


Strict liability does not cover trespassers. This includes individuals who are on your property without your will or consent. In the event that they get bitten, they may still have the option to sue you for their wounds. With regards to wounds other than bites, they will need to demonstrate that the owner was careless in their treatment of the dog or the upkeep of the property. If this is the case, the court will decide whether your conduct was reasonable. For instance, preparing your dog to assault any individual who enters your property is not reasonable and you might be held responsible.

Dog bite law in California dictates how the dogs are treated after they attack a person. Besides, there are several complications in the dog bite laws of the state and hence it is better to get help from an experienced lawyer.