Frequently Asked Questions about Dog Bite Cases

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Dog Bite Cases

Dogs are regarded as the best friends of human beings. However, even your most domestic canine is likely to get aggressive and attack others under certain circumstances. After all, dogs are wild by nature and they are likely to snap when triggered. So, training your furry friends alone will not be enough. Rather, you must always abide by the dog laws in your state. It is better to consult a credible dog bite attorney and learn about these laws prevailing in your state before buying a dog.

Needless to mention, you will have to face the law if your dog attacked someone. Note that you are entitled to provide fair compensation for the victims. In worst, cases, the authorities will take your dog away from you or it will be quarantined for a specific time period. Some of the frequently asked questions about dog bite laws are listed below. You may refer to these points to get better clarity.

What are the Common Types of Dog Bite Injuries?

Even though you cannot predict the injuries caused by a dog bite, your pets are likely to attack people mostly on their face, arms, legs, and nose. In such cases, injuries such as bruises, puncture wounds, emotional scarring, etc., are common. Sadly, children and elderly people are more susceptible to dog bites and their injuries tend to be worse such as amputation, deep bruising, broken bones, etc. Needless to mention, the compensation that you are expected to pay will be more in such cases.

What is the Worth of a Dog Bite Case?

If your dog attacked someone and you are sued for the same, you will have to provide compensation to the victim. The worth of the compensation tends to vary depending on the damages the victim had to suffer. Some of the common benefits a victim is likely to obtain through a dog bite lawsuit include the coverage for treatment expenses, medical bills, property damage, loss of wages, emotional trauma, pain and suffering, etc. The role of your dog bite lawyer is also important when it comes to determining the compensation amount that you have to provide to the victim.

Are Certain Breeds Outlawed in California?

Yes, you cannot keep every dog breed as your pet in California. For instance, it is illegal to adopt first generation wolf hybrids as your pets in California. Similarly, certain communities ban different dog breeds such as Pitbulls, Rottweilers, and other dog breeds that are regarded as relatively more vicious and dangerous. However, this breed ban is not enforced throughout the state.