Claiming Dog Bites against Homeowners Insurance Coverage

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Dog Bite Claim

Based on the studies undertaken by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently in the US, about 885,000 dog bites had been reported. In one of every three such cases, the injury claims were presented under the coverage of the house owner. Furthermore, such claims constitute the larger proportions of such policies.

The insurance of the house owner could cover the injury claim of case associated with the dog bites in most cases, when the dog has attacked somebody in the property of the owner. A remarkable medical expense will be resulted by a dog bite which calls for even reconstructive surgery and related treatments.

When Will the Dog Bite Lawsuits Fails to Get Insured?

One among the points to be remembered all the while before moving legally with the dog bite lawsuit is the intensity of the aggressive behavior of certain breeds. The insurance carrier of the house owner will not anyhow insure lawsuits involving such breeds. The list of such breeds comprises Dobermans, German Shepherds, Cane Corsos, Alaskan Malamutes, Rottweillers and other Wolf Breeds.

If the accident had taken place out of the premises of the dog owner’s property, the accident will not be covered. The insurance coverage has to be considered well before by the dog owner who rents or owns the house. To be aware of the breeds that are applicable for claims, they have to read the exclusionary provisions of the insurance policy. Liability rider policies or umbrella insurances can be purchased for further coverage.

The information regarding the insurance coverage of either the house owner or renter will be looked upon by the dog bite lawyer if at all hired. In most cases, the amounts of the policies are $100,000. Further expenses can be met from the personal assets of the defendant if there is no coverage.

Uninsured Defendant

More challenges have to be met by you and your dog bite lawyer if the defender is not insured. Settling of the case will turn out to be more time consuming and expensive, you may have to uncover the assets of the defendant. Through the same, the assets of the defendant can be collected along with settling the punitive damages award.

If it was a Renter

The property owner or landlord will be liable to the lawsuit if the defendant was a renter. The other cases of liability can be charged against them if they were found to be owning an aggressive dog breed or taming prohibited breed on rental property.