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You can learn about California’s dog bite law through this website. Do you know that California is a strict liability state? The term ‘strict liability’ in this context means that the at-fault dog owner is liable for the other person’s injuries whether or not they knew about their dog’s dangerous propensity.

The injured party may be able to file a dog bite claim if the incident happened when they were on public property or lawfully on private premises. Even a trespasser may be able to sue the dog owner, but for them, the matter will be trickier than it is for common people. That injured trespasser should prove that the owner had a part to play in the incident under California’s one bite law. Obviously, to be able to file the claim or lawsuit, the injury should be caused by the animal’s bite.

Through this site, we try to help you know everything there is to learn about California’s dog bite injury law. We get the information we post here through personal injury lawyers, who practice in California. So whatever you will learn from here will be through domestic attorneys. So you need not bother about the accuracy of the information posted here. You are always welcome to contribute to our content.